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Stir-fried Squid with Fine Shrimp Sauce

Preparation Time:   10  (mins)
Cooking Time:   5  (mins)
Cooking Method:   Saute Stir-fry
Cook level:   Easy
Serving Size:   4  (person)


Squid (s) 450 g [fresh, cut into pieces]
Green onion(s) 2 pcs [shredded]
Chili 1 pc [Red, shredded]

  1. Parboil squid in boiling water. Drain.
  2. Saute Lee Kum Kee Fine Shrimp Sauce and red chili in 2 tbsp oil until fragrant. Add squid and stir-fry until cooked. Stir in green onions.

Tag: Fresh squid, Fine Shrimp Sauce

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