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New Launch

Lee Kum Kee newly launched a series of convenience sauces including Red Braising Sauce, Sauce for Plum and Soybean Spare Ribs and Sauce for Sweet and Vinegar Spare Ribs. It seasoned your life and further enhanced the taste and aroma of your home-made favourite Chinese dishes.

Less Salty Soy Sauce

With 25% less sodium compared to regular soy sauce, the Lee Kum Kee Less Salty Soy Sauce is made from selected soy bean and wheat flour. Brewed in traditional methods, it retains the rich soy flavour and aroma, making it an excellent complement to all kinds of dishes. Now every consumer will get to enjoy not only healthy but also delicious meals with the new Lee Kum Kee Less Salty Soy Sauce.

First Draw Soy Sauce

Lee Kum Kee First Draw Soy Sauce is a premium soy sauce that is drawn from the soy beans during the first extraction process. As the soy bean are brewed in a traditional and natural method, Lee Kum Kee First Draw Soy Sauce is rich in both taste and aroma, making it a perfect condiment to enhance all your meals.

Golden Vegetarian Oyster Flavoured Sauce

The first vegetarian oyster flavoured sauce with diced mushroom by Lee Kum Kee gives dishes greater texture, consistency and flavor! With no added monosodium glutamate (MSG) or added preservatives, it is an appetizing condiment to accompany any vegetarian dish whether stir-fry or used as dipping sauce.